Pacific Fruit Express Aluminum Refrigerator Car PFE 45698


Here is 44739




Brian Ehni



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Every photo posted on this thread so far has been of car # 45698.
Just an interesting tidbit, all photos posted of 45798 have been of the same side of the car, the left side.

No photos of the Alcoa car # 44739 have yet been posted on this thread.



Thank you for posting this image Brian.

Both this image from Brian and the Dallas Gillbertson image show the cars well into their service lives.
The other 2 images of 45698 are early.

The car 45698 is a 10 panel side car whereas the Alcoa car, 44739, has 14 panel sides, as clearly shown in Brian's posted image.
The differing side sills show well in the images too.

Both cars received double rung center steps at some point as both were built with single rung center steps.

In Brian's posted image, 44739 has received electric fans with a dummy fan plate and a significant addition to the side sill.
An obvious upgrade modification.
The Gilbertson image of 45698 shows a very smooth and clean looking side panel where the original mechanical fan has been removed
with a fan stencil on the right side of the car, not where the fan was originally located on the left side. Very unusual to me but I got no reply's
to my previous question about this.

As to Tim's question about the side grab irons, they definitely could be a different length with the difference in side panel construction.

Dan Smith

Fred Jansz

Dan, here's another one.
Don't remeber where it came from, I suppose a book.
Fred Jansz