Photo: NYC Cincinnati Freight Yard (1954)

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Ben, it wasn’t intended to be a threadjack; it was merely an observation (along with a few others) about the photo and the makeup of the cars therein.

The data aren’t only from the CASO railroad. Most of the data (46,000 cars) actually are from the Toledo and Lake divisions, much closer to the photo’s locale than the CASO. It was noteworthy to me that a database of 46,000 cars observed in only Ohio didn’t include even one SLRX car, but a single photo taken in a different part of Ohio had 3.

Jack’s answer regarding routing sounds reasonable.


Jack Mullen

On Thu, Nov 3, 2022 at 09:32 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:
The point was being made that the SLRX cars (aka Anheuser-Busch), seen in the photo of Cincy, were not noted in the NYC consists on the CASO ( site. Thus, they likely did not travel to/through Canada (as much).
Actually, the point I made about absence of SLRX cars in the CASO dataset had *nothing* to do with travel through Canada, because the trains in the dataset are from NYC lines around Toledo, Ohio, USofA. 

The website contains a ton of data relating to the parent NYC, including a huge set of consists mostly from the '40s and adjacent decades, geographically as previously mentioned.  As the website title suggests, the site does feature many cwt of things specific to the CaSo railway.  But no consist data from the Canadian side. There is a lot of other steam era freight car stuff. The site is well worth exploring, tho it can be hard to navigate.  Terry Link deserves a big thank you for collecting and sharing all this.

Jack Mullen

Bob Chaparro

Yes, even a museum got these reporting marks confused.
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