Photo: SFRB 6047 (Rr-57)

Bob Chaparro

Photo: SFRB 6047 (Rr-57)

Photo from the Pullman Library:

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AAR Class RB.

Built 3-1955. Insulated with Damage Free (“DF”) load restraining equipment.

One of 300 cars in this class built by Pullman-Standard in 1955, series 6000-6299. Three cars from this series renumbered in 1955 to 6995-6998 for reasons I have not determined.

The doors were painted Refrigerator Yellow.

John B. Moore Jr.’s mechanical refrigerator car book shows the other side of this same car (Page 134) with the “Ship And Travel Santa Fe all the way” slogan.

Four additional Rr-57 cars are displayed on Page 135 on that book.

The Rr-57 class lasted past the era of this group.

Bob Chaparro


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