Private: Re: [RealSTMFC] Grandt Line - San Juan - American Limited - etc

Tim O'Connor


Well, he did say "brake wheels" to me - but it could have been a slip of
the tongue. MODERN is of course relative - MOST brake wheels from the late
1950's onward were of the so called "modern" variety. :-)

But the set old had several levers, a piston-type slack adjuster, a retainer
valve (I think), in addition to mounting brackets, AB valve, cylinder, reservoir.
I think some of those were also in the delrin sprue. Without those, the set is
really not of much use compared to Tichy or someone else.

Tim O'

On 1/26/2020 1:16 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
Hi Tim,

The Grandt line AB set has NO brake wheels on the triple valve, cylinder, tank sprue, only housings.

Dave had refaced the mating surface to stop flashout but got to the point of altering the parts.
That's when he retired the tool. Has the new owner fixed this. Dave was thinking about a new tool.

The wheels are on the delrin sprue and are all modern.


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts