Private-Wood sheathing differential weatheri

thomas christensen

The specification for the wood sides and slope sheets is 2 3/8" thick. The ACL used 1/4" steel sheet for replacement side and slope sheets. The side thickness on my modified ACL steel rebuild measures @ 4"(measured at the rib above the bolster). I don't have a wood  sheathed car to measure, but would guess it's  not different than the steel side version. Adding more than a decal to represent the wood interior results in a side many times to thick.
Tom Christensen 

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If you look at the prototype photos, wood in the real cars added to the thickness too. It takes a thick piece of wood to equal the strength of a thin piece of steel.



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My thoughts exactly!



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Don't those laser cut interiors add to the side's thickness? This seems it would destroy some of the illusion we're trying to achieve.