Proto 2000 war emerg. hopper

charles slater

Can anyone tell me if the Proto 2000 war emergency 2-bay hopper has been relieced yet? And if so, what road names is in the first reliece?
Charlie Slater
Bakersfield, Ca.
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Jon Miller <atsf@...>

The LL site lists the following;

23799 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe #180633 As Delivered: Oxide Brown w/ White
23800 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe #180658
23802 Baltimore & Ohio #30075 Black w/ White Lettering, Dome Herald
23803 Baltimore & Ohio #30257
23805 Chesapeake & Ohio #54253 As Delivered: Black w/ White Lettering
23806 Chesapeake & Ohio #54398
23808 Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy #194041 Oxide Red w/ White Lettering,
23809 Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy #194529
23811 Gulf Mobile & Ohio #60026 Black w/ White Lettering, Early Scheme
23812 Gulf Mobile & Ohio #60143
23814 Louisville & Nashville #31024 As Delivered: Oxide Red w/ White
23815 Louisville & Nashville #31972
23817 Undecorated

Jon Miller
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Richard Hendrickson

Charlie, Santa Fe composite cars are included in the first release and it's
my understanding that the boat has docked; they may have been shipped
already. Models of the Santa Fe cars after they were steel sheathed in
1958 will be in the second release later this year.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520