PRR Class X42 (was Re: [RealSTMFC] Photo: PRR Merchandise Service Boxcar 37007)

Benjamin Hom

Chuck Cover wrote:
"Here is a model of a PRR X42 that I kit bashed 25 years ago from an article by Herb Baer in the PRR Keystone #12.1, December 1978.  The PRR X42 class was also covered by Chuck Yungkurth and Rich Burg in the October 1999 RMC.  The model is not painted in the Merchandise Service scheme, but rather the simplified freight car scheme."

This is how misinformation is perpetuated - Chuck implies above that some Class X42 was painted in one of the Merchandise Service schemes.  THIS IS FALSE - no Class X42 were painted in MS1, MS2, or MS3.

Ben Hom