Radial roofs (was DT&I USRA rebuild with Climax radial roof)

Earl Tuson

Why is it anyone's calling it a "Cambre" roof anyhow? When it first appeared in the 1916 CBC, and through the '31 edition at least, Hutchins called their radial roof offering a "Camber All-Steel" roof.

Chicago-Cleveland first showed (in the CBC's, at least,) the Climax Flexible All-Steel roof in 1928, although they had also earlier marketed their Common-Sense All Steel, Steel Carline, No 100 roof, another flexible, radial design (shown in the '16 and '19 CBC, but no longer advertised in the '25 edition.)

The third major roof manufacturer, Standard Railway Equipment Co, offered yet another competing radial roof design, the Murphy Radial All-Steel Flexible roof, beginning at least in the 1925 CBC (I don't have access to the '22, but it was not shown in the 1919 CBC.) Also, and only shown in the 1912 CBC, SREC briefly offered the "New Murphy All-Steel Radial".

And lastly, there were radial roofs offered by Franklin and American Car Roof (the Christy Steel roof,) but I can't if or by whom these were used!

Earl Tuson


Why is it anyone's calling it a "Cambre" roof anyhow?
That is the spelling used in the DT&I equipment diagram for their USRA rebuilds.

David Thompson