RE Train shed Cyclopedias

Dana and Larry Kline <klinelarrydanajon@...>

Many of the Train Shed Cyclopedias are still available directly from:

Charles S. Gregg
808 Boulder Springs Drive, #C5
Richmond, VA 23225

I most recently recieved a catalog in June, 2000.

Although each issue is a relatively small excerpt for one (or sometimes
several) Car Builders Cyclopedias, there are multiple parts available form
several different Cyclopedias. The most complete group is from the 1943

TS 17, Box, stock and flat cars, 80 pages
TS 21, Passenger cars, 80 pages
TS 70, Gondolas and hoppers, 64 pages
TS 71, Hoppers, tanks, container cars and cabooses, 64 pages
TS 75, Cabooses and freight car construction details, 64 pages
TS 77, Freight car construction details, underframes and brakes, 64 pages
TS 81, Freight car construction details, safety appliances and trucks, 64
TS 83, Construction details, industrial and export cars, 64 pages
TS 86, Motor cars, and passenger car construction details, 64 pages
TS 88, Passenger car construction details and interior fittings, 64 pages

This adds up to 672 pages, or about half of the complete 1943 cyclopedia.
The corresponding total price is $46.80. The content includes engineering
drawings and photos of prototype freight and passenger cars. Many
additional issues are available from other years. I have always liked the
TS series since it allowed me to buy just the parts of a complete Car
Builders Cyclopedias that interest me.

Larry Kline