Resin and brass

Clark Propst

Above is a link to Caboose Stop Hobbies virtual show. At the 7 minute mark are some resin kits, at the 11 minute mark are some brass bulkheads.

Clark Propst

Michael Gross

Thanks for this link, Clark.  They've got some nice stuff and good prices.  And that glow in the dark passenger train is very tempting.  :0)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA

Tim O'Connor

Those are the ancient imported brass US Hobbies bulkhead cars -- stand in I guess
for the General Steel postwar bulkheads cars later done in resin and then plastic from Atlas
I think huge numbers of them were imported so $20 sounds like a typical value for those
Many or all of them came without trucks, I think.