[ResinFreightCarBuilders] F&C PS0 ladder question

Steve and Barb Hile

I am happy to report that IRM found two tubes of drawings that contained the General Arrangement and other drawings (side construction, end construction, underframe construction, brake arrangements.)  So, if someone is wanting to extend the research done by RPC 31-32, these resources would now be available at the IRM Pullman Library.  It would be nice to locate additional photo datat.


FWIW, the side ladder stiles shown on the drawing are 16 ½ inches apart (inside) with a 17 5/8 inch rung spacing (center to center.)  The end ladders have the same rung spacing, but with the stiles 14 ½ inches apart.


Steve Hile


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I should point out that IRM does have a side door arrangement drawing, 511-H-26.


Steve Hile


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If it helps, I downloaded this UP diagram for the B-50-35 series cars from Dick Harley’s Smug Mug site.


I wish I could report that IRM Pullman Library had drawings, but those are, apparently MIA.


Steve Hile


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Thank you Nelson and Brian,


The intent is to replace with Yarmouth ladders and rungs, as you mention. This appears to be an mid-earlier F&C kit, the instructions have some information, but not an excess of information.  The attached picture from the instructions will show the side and end ladders at the same length, I think, but the instructions only mention lengthening the side ladders.  I don't know what to make of that.


I don't trust the included parts enough to measure either the rung spacing or width, but lacking mechanical drawings, I may have to use them.  I don't have many UP pictures, and if I found one, I don't have the actual car side exterior height to use to scale the ladders.


Thank you,



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The best way is to find railroad mechanical drawings giving the ladder dimensions (rung length and rung spacing. Lacking that and information from the instructions, you have to wing it. You can measure the stile spacing and rung separation on the ladders included in the kit, but they may or may not be prototypically accurate. The least accurate but most practical approach is to eyeball the stile spacing and rung spacing from prototype photos. Ring count is a good start for the latter method. Be aware that stile spacing may differ for side and end ladders, with end ladders narrower than side ladders in some cases. Rung spacing would be the same. If you want to build closer to prototype dimensions, Yarmouth Model Works offers stiles with different rung spacing and rungs of various lengths. The last option is to scratchbuild your ladders from styrene strip and rod.


Nelson Moyer


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Good evening,

After working on a friend's F&C ventilated box, I decided to open a kit out of my stash that, I thought, I could build in as simple, and less finicky way than I have tended toward on many of my recent builds/starts.

Unfortunately, when I opened the box the first thing I read was that two side ladders needed to be combined to make one the proper length.  My thought is that I'm better off replacing with Yarmouth ladders, and back down the rabbit hole I go.


Does anyone know how I would find the spacing on the ladders?  Rung count I should have in the F&C directions, but I want to ensure I use the right ladders, and I just don't know where to start.


I don't know if it matters, I assume not, but it is a UP model.


Thanks in advance,

Greg Snook