Searchlight Signals

Mel Chase

These signals have all been sold.  Ed's wife and myself want to thank all who bought them and those that we're also interested.  Mel

Searchlight signals by South Bend Signals (Jim Leslie, retired). Qty 15 Single head $14.00 each, and 4 Double head $18.00 each.  These signals use a three color module with the latest Pure green, yellow and red aspects. No red/green modulation to achieve yellow.   All are painted silver.  Have resistors and square pins added that plug into 10 position female sockets that are used with 10 wire flat cable or terminal blocks/strips.  Personal check (no PayPal account) buyer pays shipping.   These were removed from Ed Erdelac's Santa Fe layout (Passed on Jan. 23, 2020) and the proceeds will be given to his wife.  The attached photos are the same signals but from my layout.