SFRDs on UP tracks

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Brock's Fourth Law [ or was it the third? ] of Freight Cars is broken.
Previously I had been led to believe that Santa Fe reefers only traveled on
UP tracks in a westward direction [ implying being empty ]. I then did a bit
of photo research and, indeed, noticed that every photo of a Santa Fe reefer
on UP tracks was moving in a westward direction. Imagine my consternation
today when I found a photo in Union Pacific Steam in Color on pg 118 with
the following caption:

"...4015 arrived at the West end of the Cheyenne yard at 7 AM, October 18,
1958......with a 'Roseville block' perishable off the SP at Ogden that
consisted of 90 reefers, many of which were Santa Fe SFRDs, loaded with
grapes". Both the photo, caption, and book were done by Lloyd Stagner.

Is nothing sacred? Next they'll be telling us that some people's votes for
President may not have been counted.

Mike Brock