Some Good Photos of Wrecks with Freight Cars in them

Charlie Vlk


Through Pinterest I ran across this Leslie Jones Photography Collection
which starting more or less on page 6 and running to about page 10 shows
many photos of train wrecks, mostly out east, that have some good shots of
steam era freight cars (and some passenger, locomotive, and streetcar as
Charlie Vlk

Jim Betz

  Thanks for those - and for the shots of animals following the
ones of the train(s) - certainly demonstrates that the laws of
physics don't change.
                                                        - Jim

Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Todd Sullivan

Not only that, but when they wrecked something back then - autos and trains - they really destroyed them!  Glad my car is a lot more robust than those tin lizzies of the 1930s.

Todd Sullivan

Very interesting end on the SSW boxcar on page 9.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

I think photo is attached.


Brent Greer

Thank you for sharing this photo.  I am hoping to get our friend Dr. Dave Campbell to produce these ends for me. They are a proprietary ACF end and in addition to SSW, I have photos and drawings of them being applied to N&W boxcars and stock cars (so I will be needing lots of these)


Dr. J. Brent Greer

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I think photo is attached.