SP CS-35 flatcar

bill woelfel

My grandson made a 3-D  print of the above car in HO and needs a few pics of it in the 1940-50's era to decal it correctly. It's a 36' car originally built in about 1905 so I assume it was nearing the end of its service life. I've been unable to find photos online and I don't have any SP books.  Thanks, Bill Woelfel

Ken Adams

Unfortunately according to the expert on SP freight cars. Tony Thompson in SP Freight Cars volume 3, none of the 36 foot long CS-35 40 Ton capacity flat cars were built for the Central Pacific or Southern Pacific. Instead 1000 of the revised design CS-35A which was 50 ton capacity and 40 foot long instead were built. Unfortunately someone took the design  drawing and made a 3D printable file for the CS-35 instead of the CS-35A and put that out on the internet.  Some time ago Robert Bowditch did a 3D print of the CS-35A.  I have two I bought from him.  One is built and serves as a crane tender for a 25 Ton steam crane on my layout. 


By the end of WW II in 1945 all of these CS-35A flat cars that had not been scrapped were probably in SP company Maintenance of Way rather than revenue service.
Ken Adams
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