SSW 17164 and the "Jail-House end"

Eric Lombard

Hi, Folks....

Just can't resist one more note on SSW 17164 with the unusual ends. Being locked down in Chicagoland makes time to trace out interesting one-offs. This car was one of 120 built by AC&F, Lot 7515, ordered 8-1914, built 12-1914 as 11034<>21986 even numbers. The cars were replacements into SSW 11000-22078, even numbers, wood, of which there were 5624 active in 2-1908 ORER and 5801 active in 2-1916 ORER. After 1914, Note 31 in the ORER tabulates the serials of the ACF cars. Sure enough, SSW 17160 is listed (attached). These cars were renumbered to 27000-27116 over 1924-1925 and remained in service into 1936. There is a clear photo (#21902) of this end in an article on box car ends by Richard Bale in MRH Oct. 2014, p98,

He notes that it was dubbed the "jail-house" end by John Nehrich. That photo is a reproduction of same in the 1916 CBD, p394. The Westerfield collection of AC&F builder photos contains two photos of #21902, Lot 7515, together showing many aspects of the entire car.

I've not seen evidence of these unusual ends on any other series. If you know of such, I would appreciate a note.

Stay safe everyone,

Eric L
Hunkered down in Chicagoland