Sudan. PA


The topic of the P&WV derailment got me to look up Sudan, PA.  I didn't get as far as trying to track down the location of this siding because the first thing I saw on the Google map was Narrow Gauge Road.  It goes under the railroad bridge that spans Pigeon Creek, at the bridge's south end.  At the bridge's north end, incidentally, is Cracker Jack Road.  Anyone familiar enough with the area to comment?

Surely this has something to do with freight cars.....

Ron Merrick

m repka

Sort of a remote area! Not far from Monongehela Pa. this is where the Donora Southern and United States Steel RR came off of the P&WV main, and went about 5 miles to the USS mill in Donora and also the slag dump some of which is still there right along the river. The line was up on the hill from the river and it also had two tunnels, one short and the other one maybe a half mile long, and those tunnels are still there also. That Narrow Gauge Rd. is the ROW of the DS and I have driven on it but do not know how it got that name as pretty sure the line was never narrow gauge Mike in St. Petersburg Fla