Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway boxcars lettering

Richard McQuade

CDS made a dry transfer set for early T&NO double-sheathed boxcars. Set 404 was for double-sheathed cars circa 1908, no. series 80000-80098 (even nos only). I was in Des Plaines Hobbies in Sept 2019 and at that time they had quite a selection of CDS dry transfers. No idea if they had these but worth a try if they're of interst to you..


John Riddell

CDS Lettering set 404 is the classic arched lettering and is based on a 1910 Dominion Car & Foundry (Montreal) builders photo of TEM 80008, a double-sheathed 36' boxcar with a straight steel underframe, built in Dominion Car and Foundry Lot 21. An accurate model can be built using an Accurail 1700 series kit by modifying the kits fish belly underframe or replacing the kits fish belly underframe with Accurail part 131 36-foot straight underframe. TMR Distributing sells a selection of CDS lettering sets, possibly including set 404.

Unfortunately no lettering is available for the TEM 36' Fowler cars. 

John Riddell