Terry Wegmann PFE R-30-16 Hybrid kit

Andy Carlson


I have 2 Pacific Fruit Express HO hybrid kits for R-30-16 wood side reefers. In the early 1950s this was a huge class of wood side reefers in the PFE fleet. These cars were upgrade rebuilds of R-30-09 wood side and end cars. Steel roofs and hatches replaced the composite wood roofs during the rebuild. Terry Wegmann derived these kits by supplying his own steel roofs and hatches. In addition, his own injected molded Bettendorf underframe cross ties were added to the mix as Terry felt the Red Caboose parts suffered. The steel roofs were at a different slope so Terry milled the Red Caboose wood ends to precisely fit the new steel roof. Instructions, expanded drawing and details are also included along with the Red Caboose kit for an R-30-09 which also includes correct T-section trucks. Paint and decals are not included. Very accurate decals are now available from Microscale based on the well researched art done by Dick Harley. Terry made many of these hybrid kits in which I assisted. With Terry's death, and the new owner of Red Caboose increasing hostility to kits suggests that these may never be produced again.

Offered for $40 each, shipping included to the USA. If interested, contact me off-list at <midcentury@...>. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is welcomed.   Tanks,

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA