Train shed Cyclopedias


Fellow Listers,
I am very new to the group, and still consider myself
very new at trying to do some railroad modeling. I'm not entirely
sure if this is the place for this post or not, but I'll give it a
shot anyway.
I was bemoaning, on another list, the fact that as a plastic
modeler of the past, I had ammassed quite a collection of prototype
reference material in the form of inexpensive, horizontal format
books, ala the "Squadron In Action" series of books on armor,
aircraft, etc. I have not encountered anything like this since
trying to become a model railroader. I have spent quite a bit so
far, and still have VERY far to go in assembling a decent steam-era
library. I personally feel that books such as these, with tech.
drawings, photos of the cars & locos in service, etc. would be a good
thing. Some have suggested I try getting hold of the "Train Shed
Cyclopedia" series of books. I remember seeing some of these in a
Walthers catalog at one time. Folks tell me I can pick them up at
shows. that would be great, but I don't get to go to shows.
Do any of ya'll know of a good mail order source for these
books? I do not have access to a local hobby shop to have them order
them for me from Walthers. Thank you for you advice, replies, etc.