trucks (was [RealSTMFC] Photo: CB&Q Livestock Car 58587D)

Tim O'Connor

Technically, those were "Crown" trucks. Applied to some 70 ton box cars, 70 ton open hoppers, and
70 ton covered hoppers. As well as some N&W 70 ton cars. Bowser is the only source for HO scale
models (one piece injected molded) of those trucks.

On 3/11/2023 10:03 AM, William Hirt wrote:

Andrews trucks were reused under new PRR open hoppers built in 1961. These cars continued into the PC merger.

The CB&Q used Andrews sideframes to replace soon to be banned Arch Bar trucks circa 1938 on a number of cars according to CB&Q car diagrams. The advantage being that the Andrews side frames could use the Arch Bar truck's journal boxes.  The cars that received these changes kept them until retirement.

Of the major middle of the country stockyards, the CB&Q only served the Denver Union stockyards directly. The rest of the major stockyards required interchange. So a CB&Q stock car was allowed in interchange with these Andrews trucks past the end of this list's date.

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