Trust Plates - was Re: Another Needed Detail

Jim Betz

Trust Plates ...

  I model the GN in the decade after WW-II.  So I can use trust plates for my GN
and other - cars.  I would prefer that they be simple decals on a rectangle of 
styrene glued to the upper left corner of the car (for GN).
  I've rarely/can't remember when I noticed a trust plate on anything other than a
box car.
  Even though the real ones were often cast brass - the depth of them is
indistinguishable in HO ... OK, yes, when they are brass parts (etched?  cast?)
you can tell they have depth ... if you look really close with an optivisor and strong
side lighting then you can see the depth.  From even 2 feet away, with my
reading glasses on - I can't tell.
  As someone else said - I probably couldn't tell if it is an actual GN or PRR or
other trust plate.  Maybe by the general arrangement and size of the lettering?
  Do I need different dates and other model specific details - unlikely.
  All of mine are going to get some weathering on them ... so even a single 
sheet of decals with only one actual trust plate will probably be a "lifetime supply" ... 

                      - Jim in the PNW (who loves prototypical feel/accuracy but thinks we
                                                   OFTEN take things too far)


I've used the etched versions of trust plates from these guys on my WP boxcars.  The ones I got were for Southern Pacific, but without a magnifier it passed for Western Pacific. Appears all they have in stock now are for the RI, but once again, you can tell only under magnification. Got to admit, nice etching as the words are all actually there.

Trust Plates are a little difficult to model prototypically, as they were only on when the cars were new, and then removed once the financing bond was paid off. That's why they show up in so many builders photos but not later in-service. So, you have to catch the timeframe just right.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA