Unloading Building Supplies (1936)

Fritz Milhaupt

I lived about six blocks from there in the mid-1980s. Fingerle Lumber was my supplier when I was making food, book and hobby money building lofts for the students living in the dorms those years.

Fingerle Lumber was down to a single siding by the time that it stopped receiving lumber. The last car I remember seeing there was an ICG bulkhead flat car on the remaining siding that paralleled the Ann Arbor tracks on the opposite side of the yard, about where that Santa Fe boxcar is in the foreground of the photos Doug linked. I want to say it was in 1987.

It was rather nice to be able to walk to Ferry Yard to board the train the day the Bluewater Chapter of the NRHS ran an excursion from Ann Arbor to Toledo.

Part of what made that area interesting was that the throat of all of those lumber yard sidings was so near the north throat of Ferry Yard as to make almost no difference.

The open-ended building under construction at the top of the photos Doug linked is South Quad, for many years the primary dorm for the University of Michigan's freshman athletes.

- Fritz Milhaupt