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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Yeah, Ed, some of those guys are real jerks.  Your RI gon is fabulous!


Perchance, were these conversions for coil steel/sheet service?


Fine model!


Elden Gatwood



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At my first NMRA national convention when putting up a model for judging, I overheard one of the judges remark to his fellows: "Who the H--- is that, bringing in a G-- d--- camelback? 
I knew right then my 80% scratch built O scale brass 0-6-0 camelback was doomed from the start.
It was the only camelback model entered.   
It garnered a lowly 79.6 points with, one judge keeping his marks very low on it.  

While technically against the rules of not showing a model in a judged contest more than once, in a regional level NMRA contest with that same mode, it scored 119.5 points.
I've never attended another NMRA National since then, even though I did eventually get an MMR. 

In keeping with this being a steam era freight car group, this is  one of my scratch-built models that was "Best of Show" at an NMRA Regional event in 1997.

Ed Bommer