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You are correct that drawings don't necessarily reflect stringers, but sometimes, yes.

Can't answer to pre-war additions or wooden stringer adds.

Drawing for X29B shows none, and that is as rebuilt post-war. You'd think they should given replacement of components to support new AB parts, including their supports.

The X29, later models at least, had single stringers, like the Red Caboose model, which accurately models a late X29 u/f arrangement, but not going into that subject.....

Drawing for X31A shows pre-rebuild single stringers, plus end diagonals, which WERE replaced with twin stringers per side, in post-war rebuilds, like in photo attached.

They were, absolutely, "Z-bar" stringers. I've looked at them close up, and touched them in person. They were continuous, length of car.

I don't have the correspondence, but I have never seen an X29 rebuilt with these dual stringer rebuilds.

The X29 was weak, and the odd placement of cross-bearers was not corrected until later X29 rebuilds put them under the doorway.

There must've been a detailed discussion on this within PRR, but again, I've not seen the correspondence.

Elden Gatwood

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In various articles and publications, it's been established that the PRR issued a drawing in 1946 depicting a change that was to be instituted on
X29 box cars whereby two floor stringers per side consisting of Z-bars were to be run from end to end on the underframe. Now, it's said that these were to replace the single-per-side wood stringers and pressed steel corner diagonals 'that the cars were built with'.

A review of published drawings in CBC's show that no floor stringers are represented in such steel box car plans, whether they are X29, ARA proposed standard plans, or even any of the related ARA single sheathed and double sheathed, box car, auto car, and even stock car designs. Most of the other plans, regardless of the car types, published in the same Cyc's show floor stringers! I do understand that CBC drawings were not construction drawings; they very typically omit vital details such as brake arrangements as well. (Corner diagonals ARE shown in all of these

However, there are very detailed ARA underframe component drawings on, for example, page 346 of the 1931 CBC. These also show NO accommodations for floor stringer attachment.

So, did none, some, or all ARA steel box cars ACTUALLY receive wood floor stringers when built from 1924 to 1934? Did the PRR (some time prior to 1946,) and perhaps others, retrofit wood stringers to cars that may have originally been built without them?

If you can, please provide references to primary sources (photos, general arrangements, etc,) that document a claim. I appreciate any assistance that can be provided.

Earl Tuson