Wartime flat car load

Earl Tuson


While perusing a B&M Bulletin, I saw a photo which included what I felt were
two interesting war time flat car loads, and a potential accompanying car. As
such items appear to be "popular," I figured I would share it here. The place
is Fitchburg, MA, the date- 5/30/43, the train and loco- MP-8
(Mechanicville-Portland) w/ 4-8-2 4116. The two flats of interest, separated
by a double door box car (looks to be 50',) each have 4 single-axle, flat bed
trailers stacked 2 and 2, with pairs of beds mated, all wheels towards one end.
<IF> you could fit 8 cabs into a 50' XA, that could explain the cut. There
are two hoppers on the head pin (one being a B&M quad,) then the truck loads,
and everything else visible in the train is oil.

Earl Tuson

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