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I attended the WPM meet yesterday, and was impressed by the large number of well built models of locomotives and freight cars on display. I was struck by the TOTAL lack of any UP equipment (except some "patched SP engines) on display. Are Santa Fe and Southern Pacific modelers more social by nature than the Borg modelers?????
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Apparently Andy wasn't too observant. As on the next aisle over from where he had his model was the work of several folks that included about a dozen UP Diesels. Granted that pailed with the numbers of other roads, but they were represented.

NO N&W hoppers, that I saw.

For those that missed the references to the photo albums of the greater than 1000 models that were on display
Dave Hussey's "Official" Album:
Harry Wong's
Robby's Album:

Unfortunately all the Pbase site is down due to some sort of power failure.

Dave Hussey

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Carl J. Marsico wrote:
UP actually hurt their protectable interest (if any) in the CNW, SP, and DRGW schemes by "patching" the motive power from these roads, which I'd say is rebuttable evidence of an intent to abandon these trademarks.
Our attorney explained to me that this is called "constructive abandonment," meaning actively working to expunge a trademark, not merely abandoning it by ceasing to use it. It's an even harder abandonment to recover from, but that didn't inhibit UP's hired lawyers (they didn't use their in-house guys, who mostly rolled their eyes about this topic). We know how that turned out.

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