1909 image of NYC&HR 36ft ds trussrod box By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
Undated view of two compartment tank car CPV 101 (Cook Paint and Varnish) 2 messages By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
[Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Photo: Coast Guard Boats In Gondolas By Gatwood, Elden J SAD ·
Undated partial image of hopper PMcK&Y 62760 By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
1896 view of box cars, coal cars, and a tank car ay Solvay Process Co works Syracuse (Solvay) NY 2 messages By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
Undated view of WCLX 9079 (Wilson Car Lines) reefer on B&O Findley OH By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
Photo: Grand Trunk Boxcar 15233 4 messages By Bob Chaparro ·
undated view at Syracuse NY of CNJ 11582 ds box and a LS&MS gon By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
EMPIRE LINE boxcar associated with the PRR system, view dated 1907 By Claus Schlund \(HGM\) ·
Photo: Coast Guard Boats In Gondolas 6 messages By Bob Chaparro ·
WTB DTA Steel side GS gondola Kits 2 messages By Bryian Sones ·
Fw: Aw: [RealSTMFC] REDEMPTION By vapeurchapelon ·
Photo: B&O and New Haven Boxcars 5 messages By Bob Chaparro ·
Photo: NYC railroad yard early 1900s 2 messages By john oseida ·
KD brake installation By Eric Hansmann ·
Wedge Snowplow UP 900021 2 messages By Bob Chapman ·
Valuation Reports... 2 messages By Jack Burgess ·
Equipment Registers On Disk – Source? 12 messages By Bob Chaparro ·
Ellsworth Coal Line ? 5 messages By John Riddell ·
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